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The real pure white suit jacket is not too easy to give favored by metrosexual man, the sense of distance, but partial white rice styles can highlight more leisure with masculinity. And the white rice suit coat and white suit with the same way, can refer to each other.
The myth of the white suit and the shirt inside it is that the first white shirt is sure to be all right. Clean white shirt Beige suit collocation gives a more refreshing and pleasant temperament, can be used as a tease sister battlesuits.
White suit coat with white shirt is also a good workplace wind, just need to buckle shirt neatly, tie a tie, you can create a mature male temperament. For a white shirt, blue tie is a good choice, but also business people loafer collocation standard, white suit is no sense of violation.

Sell high-end suits in fast fashion business models and the rise of Suitsupply

Although there is no luxury flagship store in Fifth Avenue, nor in the high-profile Fashion Week show, from Holland new suit brand Suitsupply still rely on their convenience, high quality products and reasonable price, in the crowded world men’s market to break his own name.
According to a newspaper in Holland, in 2015, Suitsupply’s global sales reached 170 million euros, an annual growth of about 25%. It is expected that the company’s sales will reach 200 million euros in 2016.
In order to reduce the cost of clothing, Suitsupply, established in 2000, adopted a vertical integration strategy, and tried to reduce the rental cost by choosing the location of the store in the mainstream shopping area.
“Our business model is quite different from the traditional model in this industry.” The CEO Fokke, De, and Jong represent Suitsupply.
Suitsupply’s suit price varies according to fabric and style, with a minimum price of $500. They target young men who buy their first suits and want to buy a quality suit, but they don’t want to go bankrupt because of expensive clothes.
Suitsupply uses a suit from Italy fabric, in China sewing, many only in the more expensive high-end suits with the details of the design will often have a suit, such as functional button cuff. In addition to the suit, Suitsupply also offers shoes and other accessories related accessories, to help customers better improve their appearance.

Adidas: break the rules and give the suit more functional attributes

Consumers began to think: is there a dress: let them easily from a decent scene transition into another scene, no sense of violation.
Is the most sensitive to changes in the market, the brand has the heart, and began to give more functional properties of clothing.
Suit faces
Recently, Adidas, which leads the industry, saw the demand of Japanese office workers for formal dress and related clothing. Currently, adidas has launched a sports suit called PerformanceSetup in the Japanese market. Suit by DELTAPEAK elastic fabric combined with Adidas signs CLIMALITE moisture-proof quick dry sports material, and to fit the cutting way to create, but before the Logo is used to highlight the brand has always been low-key three bars around the modified cuff.
In order to meet the brand theme of propaganda, Adidas also invited Japanese football midfielder Chai Qiyue appearance demonstration show multiple scene conversion products charm. At present, the adidasPerformanceSetup suit already in Shibuya, Shinjuku and Osaka Isetan exclusive sale, priced at 56000 yen.
In fact, the industry’s boss, Nike suit, has been available several years ago. The menswear brand RavMatharu, founded by British designer Clothsurgeon, also launched a bespoke series called SweatSUIT in 2014. The series, based on the Nike Fleece series, has been transformed into a sports suit with four grey fleece pants.
Nike also had to join the famous British tailor suit for the 2014 OzwaldBoateng World Cup in Brazil to design a N98 suit, OzwaldBoateng innovation will wear traditional custom suits cut in 1998 and the Brazil team played France Away Jersey together with Nike at the top sports science and technology, such as laser cooling hole, thermal bonding. The “sportswear suit” moves more broadly than the avant-garde fashion show, which is a few years in the morning, but it is also a custom edition.
ASICS, Japan’s professional functional sports brand, has also turned its attention to the indispensable dress of Japanese office workers. ASICS hand in hand to hand sewing and feel the famous clothing brand keisukekanda and the geometric elements used in the fashion brand ANREALAGE launched jointly reach the acme of perfection of dress series. This series of lapel crisp, simple design, and trouser stripe element sleeves side decorative sportswear typical, the high quality elastic fabric, freely not tight.
ASICS for the product connotation, invited the “hot blooded University” film version and was touted as a male god of Japanese actor Yamada Takayuki, appeared in a promotional film. In order to cater to the theme of propaganda on the Department of advertising, Yamada Takayuki ‘s serious funny interpretation, to show the wonderful chemical reaction produced by traditional sportswear, basketball shoes and other elements into suits, shoes, showing due to their extraordinary and worldly a contemptuous disregard even in the workplace, but also feel after work every minute can a game.
It is reported that this series in August 26th – September 25th in Tokyo ANREALAGE South Castle Peak shop on display and sale. Online stores will also be open at the same time.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label 2018 spring suit is free and easy

In the new release of the 2018 spring series, Ralph Lauren Purple Label for luxury sportswear and light suits, giving fresh and refreshing charm.
“Ralph Lauren Purple Label 2018 spring series using light luxury fabrics, tailoring clothing that presents a new soft feeling, from the firm to the elegant rough uninhibited, graceful bearing to dress, delicate emotional temperament, very suitable for the pursuit of modern classical style of global gentlemen.” – Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren Purple Label 2018 spring series
The focus of this series is the refinement and interpretation of retro racing styles, using vibrant black, cream, white and red to create vibrant clothing. The tour de France (Tour de France) inspiration throughout the series, lively and interesting events in the slogan “Tour de Ralph”, a novel assembly knitting to super crest, decorated with sporty pants with edge, Ralph Lauren Purple Label sports spirit. Pullovers with wings decorated with the letters “P”, the pommel horse, gymnastics and other complex rendering patterns to design closely linked to the current, re interpretation of Ralph Lauren classic – make Stadium Series in 1992.

Brooks Brothers re planning the Chinese market, what do you want to do in the future?

On March 23rd, Frankie Lam said he was dressed more grandly than usual: a full lake blue suit, a light yellow tie, and a pocket towel in the left breast pocket to show the color of the tie.
He works for Walton Crawford Lane Brown Joyce Group, a Hongkong based boutique chain group, and is currently managing director of Brooks Brothers (Greater China) limited. On that day, Brooks Brothers opened its flagship store at the East Plaza in Wangfujing, Beijing.
Walton Brown is currently operating in Chengdu, Changsha and Urumqi, the Department of beauty stores, Chengdu and Qingdao times outlets, but also responsible for operating in the Chinese market Kate, Spade, Juicy, Couture and other brands.
And Brooks Brothers is Walton Brown just January 2016 “pull” to the new business, although Frankie Lam introduced “Brooks Brothers is active to find the door.””. Like Kate Spade, Walton, Brown and Brooks Brothers do not belong to the agency. The two sides signed a 20 year contract, each holding 50% of them to form a joint venture.

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